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Hi, this is the electional chart to this blog. The purpose of this blog is to teach and discuss ideas about traditional astrology.

Most people think that astrology is just about sun-sign astrology. Nothing is more far from the truth. There are several branches and applications of astrology that most people never heard of.

One of this branches is “electional astrology”. Electional is a technique to choose the best moment to begin anything, like a marriage, a contract, a business partnership, or a blog.

The chart that you see above is the electional chart of the beginning of this blog. I will give you just some hightlights. The angles are in fixed signs to give durability.

14 dec 2008, 3:24 AM, Bogota, Colombia.

The Ascendent (the point to the left of the map) is in 15 Scorpio, conjunt my natal North Node. My natal mercury is conjunt the electional north node.

Although the south node is in the MC (the highest point of the chart), I put the moon in the 9th house aspecting the ASC. She is in cancer, which is one of her dignities, meaning that the moon is very happy in cancer.

The sun is making a trine to the Part of Fortuna, which simbolizes “luck” in a chart. Jupiter is cadent, but is in the 10th house from Fortune.

Electionals are hard to judge: what are the astrological contribution vs the result that we would get anyway ? Nobody can know because we can´t live our lives twice. But hopefully this election will do, as I am not a very pacient person and I am not willing to wait two or three weeks to begin a blog 🙂


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3 comments on “Beginning of the blog
  1. jan says:

    Glad someone has pointed out that Islam can be ruled by Venus. I’m doing MA in Islamic Studies and too many astrologers arent’ up to speed on this!
    I’m a member of Skyscript sicne December but still waiting to hear how I can actually talk to people – really irritating as I live in Sydney which is largely in the grip of feel-good psycho-astrology
    Meanwhile I’m having a great time with your blog
    Jan Smith

    • yuzuru says:

      Thanks Jan
      In Brasil is the same thing… almost all astrologers are fans of “I learned astrology in 30 minutes or less” but will become very aggressive with any real astrology because they feel you are pointing their mistakes.

      The point about “ruled by venus”, I am assuming you had just seeing a post in skyscript… yes, there are very strong connections to Islam and venus through the entire history

      Of course, modern astrologers are trying to tie the Islam to mars, but this is only according to their own prejudices (and technical ineptitude).

      Best regards

  2. Excellent site, keep up the good work

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