Jupiter in Aquarius

jupiter001People are usually so busy concentrated in where pluto is or isn´t that I thought a reminder would be of importance: Jupiter happily went to Aquarius today !

Jupiter in traditional astrology is known as the Great Benefic. He is the bestower of rains, fruits, fertility and all things that we get “for free” in life. To understand a little more of Jupiter´s qualities, you can read Christine´s blog, in which she compare Jupiter´s outpouring of grace to fruit trees.

Getting out of an ugly situation in Capricorn, where Jupiter is in fall, and in an element in which it has no affinity (capricorn is a sign of the earth element, too heavy and dull for jupiter), now Jupiter is in the air element.

The air element has the same qualities than Jupiter, as they are both hot and moist. Hot makes things move and grow. Moisture bring things together and helps life flourish. Altought Jupiter only have participating triplicity in the signs of air, his elemental affinity with air is great. So, beside of getting out of his fall, Jupiter will be an environment in which he can act a lot freely and happily. In these times of turbulance, we can all have a good Jupiter helping us out.

Probably we will feel the blessing of the great benefic in our lives first in our horaries. For the last year or so, every time we had this good aspect with Jupiter we had to stop and say “wait a minute, yes, there is an aspect with Jupiter, but he is in fall, so…”

In natal astrology, people should be more careful with transits… You have to delineate the natal chart to see

  1. what power Jupiter has in your chart ? If your jupiter is cadent, the transit of jupiter will probably not be as powerful.
  2. Signification: to some people Jupiter is determined to their carreer, to others is health, etc. And to some people Jupiter will be a problematic planet, always creating havoc.

Even so, it is useful to see in which house of your natal chart Jupiter will be for the next year (Jupiter will change to Pisces, where he is the ruler, in 17 January 2010).

In electional astrology, during this year, astrologer may find Jupiter useful to time events like the opening of business, begin new studies, traveling, etc. Jupiter is good for almost every endeavour.

The french astrologer Andre Barbault said that the conjunctions of Sun-Jupiter usually timed periods of armistice or treaties of peace. If that is true, maybe the Gaza conflict will stop around the 24th January, when the sun and Jupiter will meet.

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