Air crashes


Every time a plane crashes, astrologers go out from their caves, go down from their trees, and took a chart from the plane´s take off to honor their hindsight muscles:

“OH, see how troubled this chart is ? That plane was FATED to crash. If at least astrologers would be hired to run airports…”

But in practice, I have never seen any astrologer doing predictions based on this, because it is impossible. Only good in hindsight.

My statement is not entirely true. I have seen astrologer correctly predict that a crash WOULDN´T happen. A famous astrologer, which I respect in horary, although I think her approach to electional is completely wrong, has one example where she look at the chart of the take off a plane, for her client who were going in vacations, and “predicted that the voyage would be safe”. (you can see why this is non logical in item 6). Other situation that I saw was more or less as below:

(Teenager student of astrology, soon after a plane crash) “Oh, my god, the planes are all falling down, I am so worried because I will have to take a flight this month, please, can anyone tell me if my flight will end in terrible disaster ?”

(Astrologer with big ego) “Don´t worry, I have seen the chart and that plane will not have any problems”

Well, but is this really possible ? Can astrologer really predict that a plane will crash based on the electional chart of their take off ? To me the answer is clearly no. Why ?

Let´s see why.

1 – It is not possible to use this method for prediction

All the astrologers who say that this method work, only do it in hindsight. After the plane crashed, with 20/20 vision, they cast the chart and say “oh, this look bad” ! Why it is not possible to use it for prediction ? Because we would have too look for hundreds, thousands, millions of charts to try to find one with the “right factors”. Even, if you look only for your locality, you would have to look, in a year, for 365 days of commercial flight, every hour of the day, trying to find the most malefic chart of them all. So, it is an exercise which is only useful for astrologer who like to predict what already happened.

2 – Astrological factors are region wide in effect

The plane crashed in Los Angeles. But whatever the factors you are considering (let´s say, for example, the ruler of the Ascendant in the 8th house), this is also true for a great number of locations. Planes in San Francisco would also have to crash. If you are considering something like “Jupiter is combusted”, then it is even worse: the whole world is afflicted by this influence. Planes all over the world would crash, but they don´t.

3 – Bad charts happens all the time

Because it doesn´t matter how bad was the LA chart, in that same day thousands of planes took flight without crashing. Many of them had charts equally difficult or worse than the one you are looking at. Every factor that you can possibly raise (combustion, antiscia, detriment, 8th house), I am confident that I can find a EVEN WORSE time, when no plane crashed.

We can say that planes and other technology are ” astrology resilient”… if they weren´t, the planes would crash all the time, at every sneeze of mars and saturn. And believe me, they sneeze a lot.

4 – Astrology factors change slowly.

An aspect of Jupiter to saturn can take weeks. Even a quicker factor, like ruler of the ASC in the 8th house, take something like two hours to change. But why didn´t all the planes that take off during that period of time crashed ?

Also consider one thing: let´s imagine that the ASC is aries, and the ruler is Mars in Scorpio. He will be in scorpio for two months, and at least two times a day, in every part of the world, we will have the configuration “ruler of the ASC in the 8th house”.

People usually try electional astrology to predict football matches. They do it one or two times and claim that their method works. But when you are doing that week after week, to a dozen games that start at exactly the same time, you can see how this is a difficult process. If you don´t think so, I suggest you join the sport´s forum at skyscript.

5 – The chart represent the moment

It is only logical that the chart seems bad. After all one hundred people lost their lives at the same moment. It doesn´t mean the plane crashed because the chart is bad.

Once I spoke with an stewardess who liked astrology, and she said that, more than one time, she got that “bad feeling” and looked at the chart of the flight. The charts, are you may have already guesses, always promised doom and gloom. But obviously, the plane never crashed. They were horrible flights, with delays, turbulence, drunk or crazy passengers, but the plane stood in the air. A bad chart can represent a bad flight, without the need to kill hundred of people.

6 – Why are the planes “resilient to astrology” ?

I call this the “Principle of Reality”. Do you believe astrology rules reality or that astrology is ruled by reality ?

I can´t make an electional chart to be president of USA, because I am not a US resident, and it would be against their law. Even if I were a resident, I think it would be kinda of hard for me to win a presidential election, no matter how much the electional chart may promise.

In the same way, we have to consider our charts against the real world. In a football match, the probabilities are in general close. If they weren´t, none would watch a match. What ´s the fun if you always know who will win ? It would better if the looser team would simply surrender, would spare time ! So the results are relatively clear: you can win, loose or draw, and electional is good for this. If you want to predict that a meteor will kill all the players, I don´t recommend using an electional chart.

When you see the probabilities of a plane crashing, you see that there is one accident for a million take-offs. So when the astrologer says “oh, don´t worry, this plane will not crash”, he is not really saying a big deal. We are all scared of planes, but if they crashed so much as we think, there would be no pensioned pilots or stewards.

7 – as an mundane event, we should look at mundane charts, like lunations, eclipses and ingresses.

In traditional astrology there is an hierarchy of charts, and mundane charts are on the top. But unfortunately astrologers forgot many, if not all, of these techniques. To me, that´s the main reason so many of us astrologers always look for the electional chart of the event. We look for the chart when the plane crashed. We looked for the moment of the Tsunami, and all this is useless for prediction.

We are like the proverbial carpenter which only has a hammer. We are treating every problem like it were a nail.

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8 comments on “Air crashes
  1. […] team, been trying to predict the scores of the English Premiere League games. As I said before in Air Crashes, using electional astrology to predict is not easy. And that´s what we are trying to do… to […]

  2. […] coincidência, uma semana atrás, eu tinha escrito um artigo em inglês, sobre como os astrólogos adoram ficar olhando para cartas de acidentes de avião, e porque […]

  3. atan says:

    My prediction
    In the period of 7 do13 February 2009 (extreme 9-10)possible airplane crash.In the same period are predicted earthquake with magnutudom 6.3 Rihter .Location is very difficult to forecast.
    Maybe 2 airplane disaster in the same period.

    • yuzuru says:

      Good call, atan ! As many know, we had a medium size accident in the US with close to 50 fatalities. It was yesterday, inside your time frame

  4. […] For example, an famous astrologer says that she “elected a secure time for her client to fly by airplane”. Well, there is one or two plane accidents every year, so I would say that this is a very safe bet from the astrologer! Every chart you elect is a very safe chart for travel! […]

  5. Joseph says:

    William Lilly in Chapter 24 CA gives instructions to determining the wellness or destruction of a ship who is setting sail to sea. And, if two ships set off at the same from the same place, will they have the same fate? For this, we must consider the time the ship was built! Likewise, airplanes, of which fewer are built each day then fly across the blue skies; seeing the “nativity” chart of the airplane is an interesting considering Perhaps if the airplane is birthed at such a destructive moment, and likewise goes to flight at another destructive moment, then it has, at least, a higher chance of crashing. Take into consideration then, the nativity of the pilot to see if he has indications of a violent death, etc. All these factors combined are the logical approach to this problem.


    • yuzuru says:

      Hi, Joseph, thanks for the comment.

      I believe you are talking about Chapter 26 “Of a ship, whatever in her, her safety and destruction”. Please, notice that Lilly is talking about horary astrology, and I am talking about the use of the moment a plane take off.

      I personally wouldn´t use the nativity of the pilot, even if I had it. My believe is that there are a hierarchy of factors. So, if the chart of the plane shows destruction, that would be superior to the pilot´s chart.

      But, as we don´t have the chart of every plane, train, etc, I believe the most important chart are the mundanes charts.

      Example, the Airfrance flight. Althought hundreds of astrologers are discussing “important” factors, like SAbyan symbols, very few noticed the transits to the eclipse chart.

  6. […] astrology is an all but forgotten art. For instance, every time we have an air crash, like the AirFrance accident, we see astrologers running to find the correct event chart of […]

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