What the future holds to 2009?

In real traditional astrology, the year doesn´t begin in January first. To the traditional astrologer, the year only changes in the solar ingress of Aries. This happens around 20 March of every year, when the Sun gets into the first minute of the first degree of Aries.

The chart below is the chart of the Solar Ingress of 2009 for Washington DC. As the US is the great empire of this age, and his sneezes can give the whole world a severe case of pneumonia, nothing more natural than to analyze what 2009 holds for the Uncle Sam.

Solar ingress 2009 Washington DC

Solar ingress 2009 Washington DC

The first thing we notice is that Aries is rising in this chart. According to the ancients, this chart is only valid for a quarter of the year, and then we will need to cast a chart for each other quarter (the solar ingresses of Cancer, Libra and Capricorn).

The Lord of the Quarter (LOQ) is Venus, which is angular in the ASC. Besides that, Venus has dignity of terms over the ASC.

How is going to be the first four months of the year for the USA ? Not very good. Venus is in the sign of her detriment, which makes her rulership corrupt. Her corruption is further increased by being retrograde, under the sun beans, and being afflicted by the antiscia with Saturn and contrasticia of mercury in fall and detriment.

We see that the moon is also in her detriment and angular. Apparently feminine issues will have the spotlight, and not in a good way.

It may mean diseases that afflict women or the people in general (venus is conj ASC, and the 6th house in an human sign), or the money (venus is second house ruler) afflicted by saturn.

The second house, specially, is in very bad shape. Venus is in exile, retrograde, and entering combustions, and is in aversion to the sign of taurus. Moon is aspecting the cusp of 2nd house, so she has more testimony (she is also angular). But she is also in exile, and jointed to cold Saturn (separating) in the 6th house.Mars, ruler of ASC, will also oppose saturn.

I get a sense of a first quarter ruled by economics downfall and problems with other countries (7th house in libra). The money and substance (as well as the general condition) of the people will be afflicted.

Saturn receives the moon, so I don´t think the crisis will be so hard as we think.At least, weill not be a doomsday event. But with the moon separating from Saturn, it may well mean that the state of affairs will get worse in the end of the period.

Saturn in the 6th can have several signifcations: that the elderly will suffer the most, specially with diseases and poverty.That the people of “low life” (beggars, thieves, drug dealers, etc) will afflict the people. Or that the working class will have lower incomes and may start several strikes.

Mercury, as ruler of the 3rd rules financial speculation, acc to Steven Birchfield, (because it is the second house from the second house = money created through money) and the money of the banks. Mercury is in detriment in pisces, close to the cusp of the 12th, and opposing saturn. The most obvious statement is that more money will suddenly disappear into hidden, obscure schemes, this time afflicting the poor and the elderly.

The reason of this disappeareance will be Jupiter, dispositor of mercury. Mercury in detriment is poor accountance practices, lack of regulation and mercurian control, and also “wishful thinking”. The dispositor is Jupiter, the cause, which represents bankers, noble and rich men. In the 11th house, these men will be linked to the government.

Mercury is also opposed by Saturn and in contra-antiscia of Venus. The general state of affairs in the beginning of the year will be heavily afflicted by this frauds and schemes.

The place of acquisition is 11th from fortuna (which is bonified by the north node). 11th from fortuna is sagitarius, with Jupiter in the radix 11th house, with a strong jupiter in his triplicity and terms. I think this mean that the economic situation will not plunder due to a raise in optimism in the investors, and due to money coming from oversea speculation accounts. Even when the US are in recession, they are usually more trustful than investing elsewhere

This analysis is for three months only. I will look at the other ingresses and eclipses as time allows it. You can also see the analysis of Rodney Smith of the year ahead.

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