Considerations before Judgement – part 2


In the first part, I explained what were the Considerations Before Judgment, and why I think they are really important, mainly to discover when the querent is not telling the truth, the whole truth, nothing but the truth.

Now I want to give an real example of how the considerations can help the astrologer to answer a question that, at first look, seems straightforward: “will I get pregnant?”.

horariapregnancyThe question was received in Bogota, Colombia, South America, 30 october 2008, 9:32:58 AM, ASC 01Capr19, Moon 25Sco55.

Below are the Considerations Before Judgment:

Moon void of course:

Why is the moon void a consideration ? Mainly because the moon is the natural ruler of everything that happens in the world… she is the most fast planet, and the most close to our world of generation and corruption. A moon void is like saying “well, let´s take a break”.

It is important to know that this doesn´t mean, like many say, that “nothing will happen”. For example, an aspect between the main significators will always perfect the matter, in spite of the fact that the moon is void.

My experience with the moon void of course is that, when connected with any other consideration, it shows that something is not right ! Let´s imagine that the querent asks you: “Will I get the job from company X ?” and you see the moon void and other of the considerations below. I have often seen that this a sign that the querent is not telling you something important or that the situation is somewhat unreal. One example would be if our imaginary querent is asking about job X, which makes us think that he is being considered to it, but in reality he hasn´t even send them a resume.

It´s like an action movie: the querent is telling you that there is lots of action, but you don´t hear any explosions or gunshots, then there is something wrong here.

In our example see that the Moon is void in scorpio (by the way, moon in Scorpio doesn´t strike me as motherhood, but never mind). The moon void has no meaning in a question about fertility, but as I said before, I have found that the moon void combined with another consideration is always a red flag.

Early or late degrees.

Early degrees (less than 3) or late degrees (more than 27) are usually considered signs of “too soon” or “too old”. When the question is asked “too soon”, it may mean that the question is immature, the querent doesn´t have all the data, or the situation is too changeable and flexible for the horary to get a clear judgment.

Examples of immature questions are when the person is asking about the results of something that he didn´t even start it. When the querent asks “Will I meet X in my vacations in Bahamas?”, and you didn´t even make your reservations, it is only natural that early degrees should appear.

Late degrees are just the opposite, they in general show that the there is nothing more that the querent can do, or that the querent already know the answer, and is only using the horary to “confirm” the answer

Example: “Am I pregnant ?” – late degrees show that you already know you are.

One other example from real life. A friend was worried that she could being pregnant. A few days later, I asked an horary about it, with late degrees. She already knew that she wasn´t pregnant when I asked the question.

Notice that, in this chart, the question was about the possibilities of the couple ever having a child. What an astrologer would expect (not necessarily, but as a possibility) in this case would be the appearance of the late degrees… because when a couple is trying to get pregnant, the normal path is to try for a few months, maybe a year or two, then look for a doctor, and then ask an astrologer to confirm barrenness.

But, in this case, we have exactly the opposite situation, the early degrees rising show that there is something wrong, because there is no coherence between chart and expectation.

So, I said my judgment and she confirmed that she have never seen a doctor neither had any real reason to think of barrenness, contrary to what one would expect.

Relationship between ASC and Lord of Hour

I will not discuss this problem here, because it is complex and there are more than one position over the matter. Deborah Houlding suggested one time that lack of relationship often shows that the querent will not actupon the answer he received. (It is not important here if the answer is positive or negative – only that the querent will not change the situation as it is). I have never had the possibility of test this, so I leave here as a possibility.

Ethics and Politeness

People give white lies for several reasons… from shyness to the real obscure motives. But there is no reason to think that the querent is intentionally being deceptive. Lee Lehman suggests that you say “The chart is saying that there is some information that you maybe know, but that you forgot to tell me”.

In the case above, the astrologer could have focused only on the aspect of venus (ruler of 5th) to Saturn (ruler of ASC) by an square aspect. But the considerations pointed that there was other dimensions to this question, that I explored in the judgment to the querent (which I will not publish), and according to her,  “she was astonished by the precision”.

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