Reception and aspects in horary


Many articles were written about reception. The ones I recommend are from skyscript:

  1. Lilly´s use of reception in horary
  2. A brief comparison of the use of reception in history
  3. Mashalah – what is reception ?
  4. Steven Birchfield – Reception (the original article was in english but disappeared, god knows why, so I am using an translation to portuguese, and then back to english, through googlemancy)

There are many other “intepretations” of the concept around the internet, so reader, beware ! I strongly suggest that you read those articles. If you have read a different “interpretation”, don´t worry, keep with the original !

In brief words:

The reception is often compared to a person visiting a house. The owner of the house, by rules of hospitality, has to show some signs of consideration and politeness, even if the guest is not very likable.

So, let´s say, the moon is Aries. Aries is ruled by Mars. Let´s imagine that the moon aspects mars, so we have that:

  • Mars disposes the moon
  • Mars is the dispositor of the moon
  • Mars receives the moon
  • Moon is received by Mars

(Note: there is reception only with aspect… other than that we talk about “generosity”)

How to do it in horary:

People are usually confused how to interpret things in horary. How to mix up so many things like aspects, reception, planets in detriment, etc, all at the same time ? It is better a planet received with an square aspect, or a sextile without reception ? It is better if the planet is in detriment but in reception or in one of his dignities, even without reception ? Etc, etc, etc…

In general, a good approach is to think about the planets as if they were persons, with motivations, problems, conflicts, etc.

Let´s say you are an newbie in traditional astrology. You get to know this blog and like it. So you write me asking for advice and an answer to several doubts.

The aspect is like the politeness of your email. Yes, it seems only logical that a person writing to a stranger would be very polite and corteous… but unfortunately that it is not always so. I have lost count of how many emails I received demanding that I answered things ! Obviously those emails were ignored. So, imagine how poor mars feels when he receives a demand from the moon, by square aspect, saying things like “Give me a job!”.

(In real situations, the square usually represents problems, nuisances, slowness of things, etc)

Then we have reception. To easy things up, I will use the metaphor of recommendation. Let´s say you are the moon, I am mars, you are writing me. If you are writing me from a total strange place (like aquarius), then you are a stranger to me. I will answer:

  • IF I am a polite person (meaning that it depends on my dignity – planets in detriment are less polite).
  • IF you ask with good manners (by sextile or trine aspects)
  • IF you ask with a minimum of coherence and logic (you must have a little dignity as well)

Now if you are writing me from one of my dignities, is like a person which is my friend, which is recommended by a friend, or which is from the same group. You are not an stranger any longer, and I will try my best to answer the question, even if :

  • I have others duties in the moment or I am lazy(I don´t have a lot of dignity)
  • Your email is not that well written (you don´t have a lot of dignity)
  • you emails is not very polite and kinda of “dry” (we aspect by square).

Of course this kinds of things must have been waited against reality…. If we are talking about the buying of a house we expect that we will have difficulties in the negotiation. It is just natural. But if we are asking “will X and I be lovers?”, there is no good reason for the two signification to meet by opposition. It is just not natural. Oppositions are good after marriage, not before. There will be no reception that can make things better.

(when a question is only about timing, squares and oppositions are usually not of importance)

The house of enemies

Some combinations are just difficult. The house of the moon is cancer, her exaltation is taurus.

In cancer, mars is in his fall. Cancer is the house of mar´s enemies. Will mars receive a request from moon in cancer? Probably not, unless there are others signs of that !

You send me an email and say that you are a friend of someone that I really hate. Even if your letter is very polite (trine) and your writing seems very logical and coherent, at most I will give you the benefit of the doubt, but probably will not give my best effort into your request. We assume that if someone is with our enemies, he is our enemy too. And so do the planets.

So, in your next horary, where you are Saturn in virgo, and your job is venus in virgo applying to Saturn, before getting too happy, think about how venus thinks about you.

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10 comments on “Reception and aspects in horary
  1. Osthanes says:

    Great, Yuzuru! Much ink has been spilled on reception in closer or broader sense but you can hardly encounter anyone pointing to the importance of irreception which will obviously ruin positive outcomes.

  2. yuzuru says:

    Thanks, Osthanes

    but I think we need a better name than “irreception”, how about “unwelcomeness”

  3. PFN says:

    That’s the point. Much has been said about reception, but little about the opposite of it. Someone suggested the name rejection, and I think it is a nice way to put it. Interesting that the aspect grants that “thing” happens (unless frustration or refranation or something blocks it) but the reception/rejection can show the quality of the event, and the willingness of the parties involved. I think it was Andrew Bevan that put forward the concept of reception/rejection/deception. Now, it would be nice of practical examples were a “rejection” by fall or detriment could hinder or make matters problematic.

  4. Joseph says:

    Fantastic article. Thanks you brother.

  5. Jim Hennum says:

    This is a brilliant article – one of the clearest and most understandable presentations of receptions I have come across.

    Our astrological society has a bi-monthly newsletter we send out to our membership (about 100 people). I would love to reprint your article in our newsletter, with your permission, of course. We cannot afford to pay, but we would list your website in our newsletter and on our website.

    Please let me know if you might be willing to allows us to share your article with our membership.

    Jim Hennum
    President, San Diego Astrological Society

    • yuzuru says:

      thanks for the comment
      If you liked and want to share it in a newsletter, I would have to make a few modifications!
      There are some points that I think that still need working to avoid some common mistakes…

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  7. CuriousCat says:

    Ok. Let me see if I understand.

    My significator Venus is in Cancer and the other person is Mars in Scorpio..I am an enemy to Mars, correct?

    • carla says:

      Smth like that – it means you dislike Mars and Mars does the same, but in a more aggressive manner. Sorry about the almost 4 years delay in replying. 🙂

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