Eclipse 26 January


The last eclipse that we had was in 26 January. You can see in the map above that his shadow crossed through south of Africa, Australia, and the south-east portion of Asia, including parts of India and China.

One of the first rules of eclipses is that they focus on the places where they are visible. But I have seen so many exceptions that I really don´t trust this rule.

Another method is looking for the country that has a relationship with the sign. For instance, an eclipse in Aquarius can affect countries as different as Egypt, Iran, Iraq or Ethiopia (according to ancient astrology) or Finland and Russia (modern astrology). The number of affected countries is  very big, and we don´t have a clue of what is the proper method to know the choreography of a country. So, we don´t know if Peru is virgo or Sagittarius, or if  U.S is  Gemini, Scorpio, or whatever.

So, usually, I have used connections to other charts and to ecliptic points.

We will have a quick look to the US, and see if we can find influences. The last eclipse in august 2008 was exactly in the ASC of Washington, and the US was hit very hard by the economic crisis. There were several astrological factors, but I believe that this eclipse also had its share of blame. Below we have the chart of eclipse:


Jupiter is ruler of the ASC for the eclipse in the US. In the mundane traditional chart for the US (aries Ingress of 1789) we see that the 2Sag degree is inside the fist house, second sign (in another sign, but real close to the ASC which is 29Scorpio). So, the eclipse have a saying over the living of the general population. We see that Jupiter is combust in the 3rd house, in aquarius, very close to the degree of the eclipse. So, the people of the US will be affected in a very negative way by the eclipse.

Besides that, the eclipse is in the 2nd house (3rd sign) which affect the financial market (besides that, the eclipse is close to the part of Fortune of the beginning chart). The dispositor of the eclipse is Saturn, in aversion to the eclipse point, and in mutual reception with mercury. They are both applying, but mars will conjunct with mercury first. All of this planets drive the action again back to the second house. As saturn also represents Obama, and Saturn is retrograde, I believe he will have a hard start (as is also shown by the news and other mundane techniques).

Now we compare the ruler of ASC of eclipse, Jupiter, and the ruler of the eclipse, Saturn, in the solar ingress. Why ? Because it seems that it was the ancients doctrine to judge the chart of the conjunction of the luminaries to know what was the promise of the eclipse (or Great Conjunction, Little conjunction, etc). As the we are already in the middle of february, I think we have to see the previous ingress (in Libra) and also the next one (in Aries) as I think the influence of the eclipse is strong for some months at least (Ptolemy talked about years, but I believe that it is shorter). As the US profection is in Aquarius untill March 20, I think the effects of the eclipse will be felt very strongly. But when the next Aries ingress comes, so will the profection also change away from the sign of the eclipse.

In the Libra Ingress of 2008, we have again the repetition of the same themes, with Jupiter again in the second house, trining Saturn, again in the 10th.

After march the aries ingress will take in. First the profection will change to pisces, and so the eclipse influence may lessen in effect. Unfortunately, in the aries ingress, we have two malefics, mars and mercury in pisces, and Saturn in opposition, so this factor is probably not the main one. Second, we have Jupiter, the asc ruler of the eclipse, in a situation much better than in the eclipse. He will be in hayz, in a masculine sign, a masculine quadrant, and above the earth in a day chart, oriental to the sun, very potent indeed. So I think the worst effects of this eclipse will be felt untill march, and after the 20th they will lessen in effect.

Of course, this is only a preliminary research, an exercise on application of the ancient´s rules… I have to see some dozens or hundreds of charts before I am sure of any technique, so I ask the reader not to read too much of it.

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4 comments on “Eclipse 26 January
  1. gjiada says:

    Russia is under Aquarius according Ptolemy too, not just modern astrology. He called it Sarmatia.

    I follow Ptolemy and consider just visible eclipses so I cannot tell you if this eclipse will have effects in USA.
    I hope not, because almost every astrologer followed this rule, Cardano, Placidus, Leovitius. Maybe Lilly? I should check, but surely he will say that visible eclipses give more incisive effects.

    I have a recent example, for the one of the 1st August 2008. It was visible in northen Italy but not in central one, and in fact some months later we had a very strong earthquake in northen part of my country, but here in Rome it could be perceived just by my cat.

    Anyway even for the countries where it was visible I think these effects depend where the syzygy fall – the distance from Asc. The more it is distant from the ASC, the more its effects will be late. There is some calculation to make, if we follow Ptolemy.


    • yuzuru says:

      thanks for your comment, marguerita… I saw in a website that russia was under aquarius, but I was too lazy to look in tetrabiblos. Besides that, I didn´t have the faintest idea tha sarmatia would be russia 😉

      Yes, ptolemy and almost all of the ancient astrologers said that the eclipse works only when visible, but I have some facts that makes me wonder:
      1- when mars transits one of the angles of the eclipse, even in regions where the eclipse was not visible, it is prone to trigger events of violence.
      2- in the last eclipse of august, we see that it was in the ASC of US, and it seems to have affected the US (as a lot of other mundane factors, of course). But in other countries where the eclipse was more visible, like China, it didn´t seem to have many effects. Of course, I can only say based on our very narrowed mind, distorted, eurocentric media.

  2. gjiada says:

    Well, I don’t know about China, you surely are right.

    The point is that at least Ptolemy gives a method to say when the effects of the eclipse will be evident.
    So we should consider the duration of the eclipse and the place where it falls, if near the Ascendant or MC or the Descendant, the more is far from the Ascendant the more its effects will be far in time.

    Sometimes this method works: for example I tried it with Bolshevic Revolution, but sometimes unfortunately it is less precise….

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