Oscar season


This sunday, 22 February, we will have again the Oscars, with the 81st Academy Awards.

Astrology is always working. All the time. Even during the Oscars, or football´s games. So, if we look at the heavens, we can look at what is bring to our attention.

It is always an interesting exercise to look for correlations between the stars and current events. So let´s try to do it, just for the fun of it.

The sky in the day of the Oscars: we will have Saturn in Virgo, Venus in Aries, Sun in Pisces, and mercury, mars, moon and jupiter will all be in aquarius.


So let´s see each one of the nominee for best picture this year

The Curious Case of Benjamin Button


A man is born old and starts to grow younger as time passes. What does this reminds you?

So, I get Saturn (old age) going backwards (as he is retrograde) to young (he is in the sign of mercury, the child).

Very simple indeed. Let´s see another one.



the first gay man to be elected to a public office is murdered. Hmmm, maybe venus in aries.



Interviews with a president who renounced in disgrace, and now is recovering from a ilness in La Casa Pacifica in California, taking a break. I think the best fit is Sun in pisces.

Slumdog Millionaire and The Reader


A litte more difficult. We have in one case moon conj. mars, and in the other mercury conj. Jupiter, both conjunctions in Aquarius. Hard to know which one is which.

I think the answer is slumdog (mercury) goes to a millionaire show thanks to strokes of luck (jupiter) and a young man (mars) having an affair with an older woman (moon).

Of course, several other combinations are possible, but I think for now that these ones make sense. But I haven´t seen any of the movies, so people who have actually saw them can see elements that are not obvious to me!


And the winner is…

Based on the last oscars, I believe the winner will be The curious history of Benjamin Button. Yes, I know, you are all saying “big deal”.

In oddschecker.com, Slumdog is listed as favorite, 1.17, against Ben Button (5), Milk (26), Frost/nixon (34) and the Reader (41).

So if anyone is willing to place a bet, send a 10% fee to your beloved astrologer.

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4 comments on “Oscar season
  1. Papretis says:

    Frost / Nixon could be a strong nominee for Saturn in Virgo too. Saturn (an old, unhonest previous president) at the mercy of, or conquered by Mercury (the journalist, media), peregrine (lost his power) and retrograde (turning back to view things in the past).

    • yuzuru says:

      Normally it could be, but in 2009 I think the place of saturn is already taken 🙂

    • yuzuru says:

      Oh, well, you can´t win them all
      but it would have been sweet. Unfortunately, there is a reason why favorites are favorites…
      One problem is that I don´t think I used the right time for the Oscars! So I don´t know if the technique didn´t work or I was the stupid one.
      Can anyone confirm to me what was the time when the Oscar of best film was given ?

  2. […] season is again upon us. Last time I bet on the wrong horse. Let´s see if I have better luck this […]

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