Mars in Aries


Mars entered into Aries this 22 april of 2009, his sign of rulership.

Electional astrology

Mars in the fiery soldier in his fiery domicile, so the general indication is to do haste, energetic, physical things.

The secret of electional astrology is that we usually do things at random or according to the official calendar, which is arbitrary. “Oh, I will start a diet on monday”. Why monday, the lazy day of the moon, and not on a tuesday, day of mars?

Why to start going to the gym on the 1st of the new month? Start now that mars in his warrior-like appearance!

It doesn´t seem like a good time to start relationships! Mars and venus are chasing eachother without ever catching up! Unless you like a “forbid love” or “doomed loved” story, like Romeo and Juliet, etc, I wouldn´t advise this as the proper moment to start a relationship or having a first date.

Of course, these are only preliminary considerations… even when the general significators are in bad shape is always possible to find a non-awful election to do the job.

Natal astrology

Mars is a medium velocity planet, and its transits take about two months at each sign. So, if you have one of the important points in your chart (ASC, MC, Sun or moon) in Aries or Libra, you probably should have a look at it.

Don´t expect great things, transits are only good to trigger other higher scale unfolding of the natal chart (like primary directions, firdar and profections). And yes, I am also including the transits of the modern three Stooges. By themselves they usually only show changes of mood.

But, in our everyday lives, changes of mood also can be important, so keep a look at mars. Usually a planet has his “peak” when he is close to the point that he is transiting, but pay attention to any changes you felt the day that mars entered aries. This can give clues to his influence.

Horary astrology

Be prepared for horary charts of doomed love, were querent is represented by either mars or venus. Venus is  usually faster than mars, but right now mars has the advantage. Venus is speeding up, but she won´t be able to catch up with mars untill he get out of aries, frustrating most of the love horaries with asc in taurus, scorpio, aries and libra of this period!

In fact, mars and venus will stand close together for the next few months! So this promises to be a hard journey for lovers, as first venus will be exiled in aries, and then when she changes to taurus, it will be mars turn to be exiled!

Mundane Astrology

Venus had her station in 29 Pisces, where she was conjoined by Mars.  Besides that, this conjunction was watched by the moon, who transited this conjunction. This in mundane astrology is usually a very good sign that something will happen. Besides that, there is also the conjunction with star Scheat.

Soon after the conjunction, government of Mexico City decided to take hard actions against the Influenza Porcine, or swine flu. All schools, from kindergarten through universities, are closed, and so are museuns, theaters, etc. At least 15% of the city is closed since friday. People are advised to stay in home, to wash hands often, and to avoid any contact as hand shakes or kisses on the face.

Could this infection be showed by the conjunction of mars and venus in 29th of pisces? If it is I really don´t know. Although when I saw the conjunction I said to myself “hmmm, this will not be good”, but I would never thought in influenza.

We will have other clues depending of the behavior of the virus and comparing it with the movement of venus and mars in the next days and weeks.

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