New stuff and current events

Some news, random toughts and stuff than happens.

1 – my computer is broken, and with it, 30% of my astrological expertise! I have been reduced to using

2 -the 6th issue of nehran magazine was released. Not as interesting as last time because they allowed “spiritual” (yugh) astrologers to write “important” things, like “there is no malefics” etc, but is always refreshing to have another approach to astrology than the western.

3 – I put an poll system so people could vote what posts they would like to see, but no one cared untill now…

4- venus and mars are FINALLY ending their extremely unusual 3 months conjunction! Usually an encounter between the two of them last two days, but this one has gone for weeks and weeks. In our horaries, they destroyed a lot of romantic questions, in our electional they were good for doing legal procedures (as one was in dignity and the other in detriment).

But in mundane? Using the visual astrology of Bernadette Brady, I was thinking of the following approach:

Venus is Ishtar. She doesn´t act, she gives her light to some other player, siding him and giving him power.

Mars is Nergal, god of pestilency, the underworld, war and is the general destructor of order.

Venus is very bright and giving her light to mars, bringing disaster to the world and problems of the kind that mars always bring.

The time of the first conjunction of the two, in 29 degrees of pisces, the epidemy in Mexico forced the governement to close schools, restaurants, museuns, malls and restaurants and to take strong prevencional measures.

After that, things weren´t better, Korea decided to show their muscles. Iran is facing popular disturbance.

But no great disaster came. SAturn (the great king) can´t see the conjunction between venus and mars, so there are a sense of disorder in this two. But Jupiter can see the conjunction. Jupiter is the crown prince, that can be supporter of the King, the heir, or sometimes the prince or general that will overthrown the King. Which of this will Jupiter chose to be?

As Jupiter is in the stars of the Water Bearer, I don´t think he is in his “overthrown” mood, so he helps to hold the line while Saturn is not looking.


In the above picture, you can see that venus is very bright right now (22 june) and that they are both in the stare of Cetus, the big moster from the depths. They will probably bring chaos for some time yet.

5 – you can see that I have put links to several books. Many of them are in Latin, but if possible I linked to books in english and spanish.

6 – you can see in my vodpod musics from the 80s, if you like them, in the widget at the right column, down below, close to the end.

7 – you can donate for Direct Relief International clicking in the widget at the right column.

8 – I will try to post every monday from now on.

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4 comments on “New stuff and current events
  1. yuzuru says:

    A comment on recent events:

    In the last week we had the death of celebrities, a plane crashing in Comoros, train crash in Rome, a state military coup in Honduras, etc

    Every time we have mars in taurus it seems we have a sudden explosion of things that are really out of the common. I mean, any of these things are relatively common, but when mars is in taurus sometimes we feel that a lot of things gang up all at the same time.

    Let´s wait and see, mars still has a few days before conjuncting algol.

  2. Yuzury, I am a faithfull reader of your articles, but not on regular times. So when I read your last blog, luckily my eye fell on the poll-window; viewing the results, it appears more people already have voted.
    I especially savour study of mundane astrology, and as it is quite difficult (as it must be) I ‘d really like basic mundane stuff, what “rules” to play by so to speak…

    Keep up the nice work!

    • yuzuru says:

      Hi Herman
      Good to know that I have such faithfull and special readership 🙂

      I will try to see what I can write about mundane astrology. Besides being difficult, we can see that most of us simply forget about it in the day-to-day business…

      Best regards and thanks for writing.

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