Zombies vs Vampires


In the last presidential election, astrologers from all around the world got out of their caves and made one thing that they rarely do: predictions. So, it is not to wander why only 50% of them got it right…

First of all, as Deborah Houlding commented, there was no need of astrology at all. Good and old common sense could simply tell you what was the favourite. One month before the elections, Obama was already gaining 1:7 in oddscheck. As I said for some astrologers, why don´t put the money were your mouth is?

One russian astrologer tried to predict a surprise victory for McCain one day before the elections. If he did got it right, he was couting on getting the glories, but he didn´t wish to have the burden of failure. Obama´s birth certificate “was obviously a falsification”. If it wasn´t, why would our astrologer have missed it?

Second we had the sad vision of dozens of “rectified” charts for Obama. All of them badly done, obviously, based on a completely fake birth certificate, but I will not get into the merit, because of the number of followers of this person. One can only wonder how many other fake birth chart this person added into astrodatabank as being AA.

As everybody knows, astrologers don´t know how to do rectification, but do it anyway. The result is that we had a lot of “rectifications” changing the time of Obama´s birth in 5-20 minutes, when the true chart had hours of difference. Clinton´s chart was also “rectified”, half the astrologers rectified it to 8am, and the other half to  8pm.

Third we had all that knowleadgeable discussion about “saturn vs uranus” – old vs new. But no one cared to see what happened in other cicles. Barbault is the only modern author that I know that did a serious study, and he didn´t say any correlations of “old vs new”. He says a lot of fights between fascism and right wing movements like nazism (left wing fascism is represented by saturn-neptune).

One famous astrologer had the interesting view that the May of 68 was caused by a past saturn-uranus opposition, showing that my ephemerides (that shows this opposition going on in 66) is clearly wrong. So we can expect a great fight between old and new ideas in 2010.

Of course this same kind of thinking predicted that Bush would loose to Kerry and to Gore, but let´s focused on the ones we got it right.

While astrologers were killing each other, without using any proper astrology, I found an article about a non-astrologer cycle that clearly shows the next president of US: Zombie vs vampires movies. Astrologers, eat your heart out!

In January of 2008, comics blogger Ethan Vasciver wrote that the democrats would win (so, many months before astrologers) based on the success of Thirty days of Night, a vampire movie.

A few years ago, I assembled some graphs and pie charts and came to an amazing realization: You can predict which political party will be in the White House by which is more popular, Zombies and Werewolves, or Vampires and UFOs. If zombies and werewolves are all over television and movies, and are unusually successful, you can expect a Republican administration. On the other hand, if the public has an appetite for bloodsucking vampires or alien abductions and conspiracy theories, you’re either about to endure or are in the middle of a Democratic regime. It’s true and it works. And I’m not sure why.

You can read the article in detail, but some elements for the “zombie-vampire cycle theory” are:

1968’s Night Of The Living Dead – election of Richard Nixon

977’s Star Wars and Close Encounters Of The Third Kind – Carter

1979’s Dawn of the Dead and 1981’s Wolfen and The Howling , plus Day of the Dead, the Return Of The Living Dead series, Michael Jackson’s Thriller ,The re-AnimatorDeadalive- Reagan.
90-s – Bram Stoker’s Dracula,  Anne Rice´s  Interview with a VampireBuffy the Vampire Slayer, Kindred: The Embraced, X-Files, Roswell, etc, – Clinton Administratino.

2000- Underworld28 Days Later, Shaun Of The Dead, Dawn Of The Dead, 28 Weeks LaterResident Evil,  Marvel Zombies (comics), Walking Dead (comics), Land of the Dead, Diary of Dead – Bush era.

2008- 30 Days of Night, Indiana Jones and Skull of Cristal, Transformers, Star Trek, True Blood, Twilight, Moonlight, Blood ties, Impaler (comics), and of course, vampires vs werewolves in the moon (comics).

Of couse, the tide has not changed entirely. We still have a lot of comics from the zombie era, like the Walking Dead and Marvel Zombies and other pieces of disturbed imagination like zombies of mass destruction.

Why there is a cycle of zombies vs vampires, and werewolves vs Aliens? Beats me. Zombies are raw, powerfull, uncountious putrid matter. Saturn in very corrupted state? Vampire are the undead, supposedly sexy, blase, egotistic, hedonistic, eternally bored, pretensious, individualist. What would be the better profile for them?

Anyway next time you see one of our astrologer colleagues rambling about their perfect system of predicting elections that would work if Obama´s Birth Certificate was real, show them the zombie-vampire system and ask them to try to do better.

And you, what do you think is the better explanation of the zombie-vampire struggle?

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7 comments on “Zombies vs Vampires
  1. gjiada says:

    Being a goth, I vote for vampires and werewolves 🙂

  2. A. R. says:

    I guess if zombies are corrupt Saturn then Vampires are a corrupt Mars combined with a corrupt Venus (“Venus in Scorpio and Aries is always filthy lust”). If I recall well the ancients believed a Venus/Mars conjunction where Mars is debilitated (as in Hitler’s chart) is considered “Evil”.
    Maybe the Zombie/Vampire cycle has something to do with the Saturn/Mars cycle where Venus is involved ?

    • yuzuru says:

      Corrupt mars really seems like a interesting bet, although vampires really have a lot of saturnian elements (maybe even more than mars…)

  3. PFN says:

    I’d associate Vampires not to one single planet, neither Zombies.

    Both are Saturn. But Vampires have Venus aid. And maybe Jupiter as well (rules blood). And UFOs are the domain of Jupiter probably.

    What Zombies does not have is this Jupiter and Venus with them, that’s for sure. So you can rule these two out and have a premisse to work with.

    I for one like zombies, and dislike goth vampires. That goes to explain my strong saturn in a mars sign.

  4. gjiada says:

    I should say that zombies are not traditional at all…. 🙂

    And I agree with Yuzuru, vampires should be under the corrupted influence of Saturn/Venus.

    We should not forget that first vampires- in Latin literature, but even in Victorian age like Carmilla are women,

  5. Chanah says:

    Actually, if this is the case, I’m kind of dreading the blockbuster smash hit of the century: The Zombie Vampire Werewolfs from Outer Space! Where’s Ed Wood Jr when you need him? Who knew?! 😀

    Good article. I’m still seeing stories about how Obama is an extraterrestrial from Kenya working for the Chicago mafia. Oy! Will they give up already? Ever?

    And I’m not even counting the ninety gazillion (way more than there are minutes in 24 hours) rectifications I’ve seen for his birth chart.

    • yuzuru says:

      Hi, Chanah,
      thanks for writing
      That´s one of the reasons I don´t believe in rectification. There is over a 100 “rectifications” of Reagar, for instance.
      And let´s not forget Hillary Clinton´s rectification´s: half of them are around 8 am, and the other half around 8pm!!!!

      And all the Obama´s rectifications (before the birth chart appeared) were off by more than 8 hours! (Also raising suspition about how the first time appeared, but let´s not go there to avoid hurting sensibilities and egos)

      Best regards

      PS: Zombie vampire werewolves from outer space promises to be even better than snakes on a plane!

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