Astrology as a sitcom


Natal astrology and TV shows

The natal chart is like a TV show, be it a sitcom, a procedural or a drama.  TV series usually outlines the main events of the first few years. This is, of course, used more in Drama´s than in procedurals and sitcoms. In a sitcom the characters are always in “suspended time”. They are never really older, and even big important events, like children or marriages, are usually conveniently forgotten when the producers don´t want to adress the topic anymore. But in dramas we have a bigger “arc” of stories that connect the individual episodes.

The main outline of characters and events are usually summarized on the “pitch”, where the creators of a show are trying to sell the pitch to funders and producers.

Traditional astrological lore say that the soul, as in the myth of Plato, choses the life she wants to live, and descends through the planetary spheres, until she incarnates on this material life. I personally always imagined the poor soul facing the 7 archangels and the Three Fates and trying to make a crash course in astrology and trying to make a good living for herself:

“I want to be rich!”

“Ok. I hope you don´t mind being very, very butt ugly”


“oh, and your first born will die on a sky accident”

“I didn´t sign for THAT!”

“Yes you did” would answer Gabriel, “read the fine print”.

Frawley one time joked that the soul faces the Three Fates, in their dark cave, in which they are using their Solar Fire: one choses a moment that will reflect the things that the soul chose to live; the second checks for the progressions, solar returns, etc, and the third try to guarantee that she will die at the right time.

But, as I said, a natal chart is like a TV pitch, maybe the soul “sells” a pitch to the Three Fates. After the Three that are One decide to “produce” your life, the project have to descend through seven spheres of management, suffering several batches of reviewing, commenting and “notes” of the Seven Managers.

That might explain why life is usually not what we expect. Too much group thinking and revision. Much of what was initially conceived ends up on the edition table.

Characters and actors

We have characters in sitcoms and in natal astrology. The characters have some qualities, flaws, and relationships with other characters. They usually are not that deep, defined by some standard and mnemonic set of adjectives as “lawyer, idealist, man, rich, cheats on his wife”, or “young, actor, stupid, charming, have problems with his father”.

Let´s use Friends as an example:

  • Joey is stupid, a bad actor and he is Chandler´s best friend
  • Ross likes Rachel, has a competitive relationship with his sister, and he works on a museum.
  • we know that Rachel is shallow, works as a waitress, and she suddenly becomes a  executive in the fashion industry.


The same happens to our natal charts, each of these characters in our natal charts like some of the others, have jobs, flaws, good qualities, and love or hate other characters of this show. The only difference is that all the possible characters can only be played by seven actors !

Let´s say we have the MC on Capricorn. So our saturn have rulership over the affairs of the MC.

Saturn can play any character… in this chart, he is playing the MC, but he could be playing second house. The same way that Tom Cruise could play Hamlet (aham!). I don´t say that he would play it particularly well, and the same goes for Saturn as our actor. In TV as in natal astrology, the physique du rolê is important. For instance we had the luck to never seen John Wayne on a musical, nor Betty Midler doing drama.

As Christopher Warnock noticed, Saturn can also be typecasted, like Leonard Nymoy and Mr Spock. So Saturn will always play things that he signifies essencially, like an older character, with a “doom and gloom” look, a melancholic nature, wears black and play Bach late at night in his piano, etc.

A planet, even when it is not typecasted will try to act the character in their own way, the same way the Joker of Jack Nicholson is not exactly the same as the joker of Heath Ledger.

Story arcs and episodes

Dramas and comedies have different astrological rules.

The sitcom is always at the same point. As the episode ends, the reset button is pressed. We know that Rachel´s new boyfriend will not stick, that Kramer will always attack Seinfeld´s freezer and that the Nanny will not date Mr Sheffield.

Of course, after a time change will happen, but they are few and sparce. The same can be said about happy people.

The life of happy people are tedious and uneventful, that’s the reason of that ancient Chinese curse: “that you may have an interesting life”! Most years are passed, as Frawley said, in the same job, doing the same things, with the same wife, in the same sofa, watching the same soap and drinking the same beer.

But dramas have a different logic, and what is life without drama? Some astrologers love drama so much that they can´t look at a solar return without predicting death! In fact, the most important sign of an astrologer who is learning the solar return technique is that he is seeing their SR and he is afraid he might die next year!

Dramas follow story arcs. In the first Season of Supernatural, the two brothers look for their father. In the fourth season they are fighting with angels, in the fifth against Lucifer. In Dawson´s creek, first season she loves, he doesn´t. Second they both love. Third he loves, she doesn´t. Fourth she loves another guy… The arcs may follow a rigid structure of a flexible one. In almost all the procedures, Hospital and lawyer´s drama, the focus are on patients, victims and clients, so the arc of character´s development is not always clear but exists.

But even in drama, 80% of the story arcs are uneventful, with some sparse episodes that concentrates all the important changes, either in a character or in the direction of the story.

In the drama we have two questions: one, what is the “general flavour” or the main topic of a story arc. It may be the initial love of Meredith and Derek (yes, I see Grey´s Anatomy for my shame). Or may be the appearece of his wife. The second question is what the main important events that will really change the direction of our opera, and not only maintain business as usual.

In Natal astrology, the job of setting the story arcs is due to the timelords techniques. Modern astrologers don´t use them, but this is a very familiar technique for Hindu Astrologers. Each period of the life has time lords that give their special color to the period. Some of the most used and important time lord procedures are Firdaria, Ages of Man, and directions by terms.

But a timelord will not say the events that really change the flow of the story. This events are shown by primary directions usually.

Some astrologers use techniques to see the theme of an episode, like profections and solar returns, without considering the story arc. Don´t. Buffy can have a fling for vampires, but in season one it will be romantic, pure, innocent and juvenile, and in season six will be desperate, hardcore and almost sadomasochist. The same goes for the relationships of your clients.

Some astrologers also try to use techniques for analyzing an episode, in which, as discussed, there is nothing really happening of importance for the story (Dean and Sam will look for yet another monster, Seinfeld will dump another girlfriend), and then try to find very spectacular effects, life, death and transformation. If there is no testimony from techniques like primary or secondary directions, this will remain just in the astrologers own fantasy.

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2 comments on “Astrology as a sitcom
  1. James says:

    Interesting concept. Thanks…

    By the way, please… Betty Midler -> Bette Midler and Leonard Nymoy -> Leonard Nimoy

  2. tetsu says:

    great post yuzuru, enlightening and very very funny, i laughed out loud many times 🙂

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