Mundane Astrology is back?

I am very glad that Mundane Astrology is again in the minds of traditional astrologers. After the excellent list Interpres Stellarum all but disappeared, we traditional mundane astrologers became orfans.

Of course, much of the interest on Mundane Astrology is because of recent disasters. In only a few months we had terrible earthquakes in Haiti, Chiile and China, now a Air Traffic  Chaos all over Europe because of Volcano what´s-his-name and the death of the president of Poland with 92 members of his government. Besides disasters, we had plenty of news with the Vatican and the  nuclear summit.

But, of course,  if you travel through the blogosphere you will see that most astrologers are only worried in “say something” about the disasters. The “something” usually is just some random comment on the style “oh, chiron was there”, and “Cupido was doing that”, without the least concern to try to at least fit the symbolism.

Hindsight astrology at its best.

In one blog I could find nothing more than four different explanations of the same disaster.

  • Saturn square pluto
  • Saturn opposite Scheat (of course there is no basis on the tradition for aspects to fixed stars)
  • Jupiter conjunct Uranus opposite (?) Saturn
  • Ceres with Pluto
  • Neptune quincunx Saturn

The reader is invited to chose his favourite explanation, as all of these “important aspects” have no symbolical meaning whatsoever, and just happened to be picked because “they were there”. So the symbolism is destroyed to fit the aspect to the event. Oh, Jupiter (big) + Uranus (airtravel) + Saturn (delay). Or “neptune is water and the volcano was glaciar”, etc, etc.

Obviously that this offer no explanation at all (what explanation does a natural event need anyway?) besides that astrologers will fit any thing to any symbolism with no regard for astrology. I have seen this over and over in rectification. How many people “rectified” Obama´s chart in this as crazy as “quiron was quincunx saturn when he married”? Of course, none of those people never got even remotely close to the actual chart.

Another poor technique that we can see all over the internet is the “event chart”. I never understood the love that astrologers have for this kind of charts. If my house is burned to the ground, I would see my natal chart and Solar returns and progressions. I will not look at the moment that the fire started!

I have seen an astrologer using the chart of an event and asking “guess what happened?”! Of course, to “see” that the woman suffered a electrical shock totally ignores the fact that millions of people were at the exactly same place and were eating, making love, being murdered, etc, etc, at the exact same time.

I believe that lazyness is a great part of the explanation. Astrologers want to have the recognition but few want to learn how to be better astrologers. Just take the moment the Haiti earthquake happened and say “oh, do you see how the moon is in the 6th house?”. Take the chart that the plane crashed and “oh, Uranus is right on the ASCm, of course!”

But, as anyone knows, the moon will be on the 6th house everywhere for a few hours every day. The same goes for Uranus and company. The power of prediction is zero.

So I am very glad on the new attempts to make mundane astrology back. I will discuss those in the next few days.

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3 comments on “Mundane Astrology is back?
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  2. Javed says:

    Dear Yuzuru

    Delightfully happy to discover your site and find someone thinking like me about Mundane Astrology. In a recent blog on Japan I had written:

    “Several astrological analyses of the causes of the earthquake have appeared on the web. However, it appears to me that the mistake we make is only to look at immediate causes. That is not to say that there are no immediate causes but that larger causes from the past loom in the background which, of course, are triggered according to their more obscure cycles.”

    Great to meet up with you.

    Best wishes,


    • yuzuru says:

      Thank you Javed for the kind comment.

      Astrologer´s are, in general, just addicted to easy answers and lazy work. To look at a chart for 6 seconds and give an answer is not proper mundane astrology.

      Yes, Uranus changed signs. And, for instance, the markets are crashing. This is consistent with all the times that uranus changes signs (as I have followed him for the last decade). But is this consistent with great disasters? Anyone cared to do a follow up?

      Besides, we also have the astrologers who are not even trying: “sabyan symbols” and stuff. Oh, yes, the degree says “two man and a donkey will meet at the road” that really explains things 😛

      best regards

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