Natal is not horary

Most astrologers and students of astrology always heard that astrology was a millennial art, but in fact they didn´t know much about all those millenia. In fact, most of us only had access to the psycho babble thing, “does my sign combine with his?” until 10-20 years ago. Many people complain against Alan Leo and other 19th century astrologers, but in fact, when we do read the books of early 20th century, we often see the same things that were written in Bonnatti or Lilly. Most of what people call “astrology” is a 1970´s creation.

So, it is not a surprise that, when astrologers found “Christian Astrology” they were fascinated. There were modern books on horary, of course, but even then were mostly ignored by the great taboo of “do not predict”. So, when traditional horary astrology re-emerged many of us were dazzled by two very important thing:

  • for the first time we could actually predict! We could make concrete objective prediction and be right or wrong, and usually right! We could use for things like finding lost objects, which was never thought possible for astrologers who learned that all of astrology could be resumed as “Scorpios are sexual” and “virgos are neurotic”.
  • for the first time we did have a methodology! None of the “first we will analyse than synthesize”, were the synthetic part never were actually clear. Now we had an actual procedure, with printed clear rules for  both the “yes” and the “no”. Nothing of hindsight  and a lot of unconnected elements “analysed” without order or hierarchy.

I highly recommend that every person interested in traditional astrology should first learn horary astrology. Without it there are so many assumptions from modern astrology that the student will never really learn the tradition. In fact, the assumption that astrology = natal astrology is a typical sign that the astrologer is locked into the modern mindset. We can see it in discussions around the internet: “what means oppositions in a chart” can be read as “what means oppositions in a natal chart”. No attempt to understand it as a general factor, that can appear in elective, horary or mundane charts. Not even the possibility of oppositions in Solar return charts is considered. The “important” piece is the natal chart.

But one problem with that approach is the attempt to use this fascinating system of horary back into natal astrology. It shouldn´t be done, but people often mix the two.

Don´t misunderstand me. The building blocks of astrology are the same for all branches, either mundane or electional, it doesn´t matter. So a planet´s orientality, dignity, sect, etc, doesn´t change with the branch of astrology, but the building blocks have to be adapted to the real characteristic of the branch, or we will not have a working system.

Characteristics of Horary Astrology

  • Horary astrology is focused on a theme. Chris Warnock often says that is a “laser” while natal astrology is “stroboscopic light”. When we ask about romance, the chart will NOT just happen to say a little about your job promotion´s chances.
  • Horary astrology will talk about a particular situation. No other form of astrology will do that. For insntace, an horary about love will say about one particular relationships. Will not talk about all your relationships, or how you approach your relationships of if have mommy or daddy issues. But it will tell you if he/she loves you.
  • Horary astrology can describe the situation in a objective situation. For instance, it can say if the seller person is lying or not.

Characteristics of Natal Astrology

  • natal astrology is not theme-focused: for instance, let´s say that the lord of first house is opposed the lord of 10th house. But, as we only have 7 planets, we could also read in a lot of ways, depending on our topic. Let´s imagine an Aries ascendent. An opposition between mars and saturn can be interpreted as opposition between lords of  1 and 10th, 8th and 10th, 1 and 11th, or 8th and 11th. And let´s not talk about derivative houses here! As the chart doesn´t speak only about one topic (but of all the possible topics during a lifetime) delineation is extremely difficult.
  • Natal astrology doesn´t concentrate on any particular event:  if it says your partner is saturnian, it obviously doesn´t mean that every one of your partners will be saturnian! Much less it will  say if your relationship with Jane will work but with Mary will be a failure! The same way, if it says that your job is problematic, it doesn´t say that you will face problems every single year of your life.
  • Natal astrology won´t bring the result of our endeavors: if you want to know if you are getting the promotion, you need to use horary. Natal may say that some year will be good for career. Being good for career is not the same as getting that promotion you want it. It may mean that you could have used that year to publish the next “Twilight” but you didn´t because you don´t wrote Teen Vamp Angst.

There is this false dichotomy that was created by Modern Astrology: “Free Will” vs “Fate”, Free Will being our volition and “Fate” being astrology.

As this dichotomy is well accepted by the “Self made man” ideology, many people were drawn to it. But the truth is that, first of all, our volition is very far far away from being “free”. And there are numerous factors in our live that are not connected to astrology in any way, but are very “fateful” and difficult or impossible to change. As always, dichotomies limit the thinking and hide us from the truth.

Let´s think for an instant how much of our lives are determined by our parents, our social class (usually determined by our parents), our childhood experiences and by our genetics (again, parents). Now one point that I see rarely faced is that, when we have our natal chart (usually at the first breath we take), we already have all those factors set and fixed!

So, it should be obvious that even “astrological twins” can and will have very different life stories if one was born in Sweden and the other in Haiti.

That is never a problem in horary, because we can ask the querent about the reality of the situation, and it always shows in the chart. But even in horary the reality of the situation can manifest, for instance when querent asks “will my  boyfriend betray me”, and the quesited isn´t and never was her boyfriend (unless in her fantasy). The situation is shown by the horary, but the problem is that the astrologer will interpret the chart at face value, don´t knowing that the chart is screaming “client is mad, please look for a therapist”.

The confusion between horary and natal is not unique… we have discussed at earlier times the confusion between horary and electional and the problems that it creates. But just because horary is a useful method it doesn´t mean that we should use it where it isn´t appropriate.

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