Chinese electional astrology

I recently made a post about how Natal astrology is not horary. I think most of traditional astrologers would just nod and agree with the purpose of that post.

But my second point probably will not face much agreement: that electional astrology is not horary. It is not “the same thing in reverse”!

Of course, we can find several quotes on traditional sources of authors saying you should treat electional with the same rules as horary… but as far back in time you go, it is easier to see the differences.

I have discussed some logical problems of confusing electional with horary in these articles: Air crashes, Electional astrology and the principle of reality, and ELECTIONAL ASTROLOGY AND “BEAR ALARM” SYSTEMS

But now I would like to add another point. Other systems of astrology simply don´t follow the western quest of “doing it in reverse”.

In my articleMuhurta I showed that yiotish astrology doesn´t use the practice of “reversing” horary or natal charts do look for a good electional chart. Instead they look for tithi (lunar days favourable or not for a particular activity), nakshatras, weekdays, yogas, and only then they will even think on looking for a particular configuration.

This is only logical, as yiotish astrologers really do practice astrology. Let´s compare with what an western astrologer would do to sell a house. First he would crazy about what is the “house that rules house selling”. After he would obcessively look for several months and possible ascendents, then he would start to obcess with every possible house: “oh, my god, the 6th house is bad… if I sell at this time, my dogs will suffer!”

How would an yiotish astrologer act? He would look among the available time to act an tithi and nakshatra that would be feasible for his purposes. For instance, he could use a “dynamic” nakshatra, good for trading (for moving into the house a “fixed” nakshatra would be better). He would avoid the bad “Rikta” tithis, and look for a more auspicious tithi, like Jaya or Poorna.

Chinese electional astrology.

In chinese electional astrology we have the same principle. Instead of using the principles of analysis of BaZi (chinese astrology method known as the 4 pillars) and just “using it in reverse” trying to find a “good chart”, they use more or less the same principles that are forgotten in western astrology:

  • eliminate the really bad days
  • eliminate the days that are afflicting the natal chart
  • focus on the days that are auspicious for the kind of work that you have in mind.

As I am not an expert on chinese astrology, I will only make an abstract, but the reader can look for other information on or on books on the topic, for instance Joey Yap´s “The art of date selection”.

Year breaker days and month break days– these dates are general for everybody in the world. If possible, one will look to avoid these dates. If not possible, one will look for a less bad day between the year and month breakers.

How do you find the break days? The break day is when the “chinese animal” of the day (in fact the division of the chinese 5 elements into 12 earthly branches), is direct opposite the animal that represent the year or the month. For instance, in 2010 we are in the year of the Tiger, and all days of monkey will be year breaker days.

Personal breaker day – this is a more personalized day, which is bad only for you, not for everybody else. It is a day that is direct opposite to your chinese year animal. If you were born on the year of the Dragon, every day of the Dog will be a personal breaker day.

Robbery, Calamity and Annual Sha days.

These are days that bring some specific unfortunate results. Robbery bring, well, you know. Don´t travel on robbery day or the airline will lost your luggage. Women shouldn´t go on a first date with a strange on calamity days because there is a connotation of violence and rape. Annual sha days are days of procrastination and delays.

After we have avoided the worst dates, both mundane and personal, we will try to find a good date for our project. One of the easiest methods is 12 officers. Every 12 days will have a particular meaning in the same order. They will be  Establish, Remove, Full, Balance, Stable, Initiate, Destruction, Danger, Success, Receive, Open and Close days in that order.

For instance, you can use a remove day to begin a demolition or filing for divorce. Iniciate days are good for beginnings but not for traveling. Receive days are good for receiving money and selling, but not for burial or medical treatment, etc.

As I hope the reader could see, chinese date selection technique have a lot in common with the yiotish muhurta, and nothing in common with the western approach of “doing it in reverse”.

Unfortunately the traditional pieces of electional astrology in the western tradition, like the moon mansions, were all but lost.

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2 comments on “Chinese electional astrology
  1. Kristina says:

    Very intersting.

  2. Good traditional electional astrologers do not do horary in reverse. They optimize a set of factors favorable for the undertaking doing the best they can in the alotted time window. An election can be based on a natal chart, an horary, or an upcoming fixed star conjunction. Of course you want a good Moon, and of course you don’t want afflictions to the significators and this is also the case for an horary with a good outcome. Otherwise you are optimizing a set of factors , not all of which can usually be met. Depending on the time scale for the results you may use horary timing, directions or transits.
    Thank you for the insights into these other traditions.

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