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I found this lovely picture of Mubarak watching the 2006 eclipse. Don´t dictators learn in mundane astrology 101 class in dictatorship school that presidents never should attend a solar eclipse?! For eclipses funs, it is interesting that the mars of 2006 eclipse is opposing mercury of  the January 2011 eclipse (right in the MC of the eclipse)!

Although looking at eclipses is mundane charts is always fun, and the proper method in mundane astrology, there is a questioning if horary charts can provide an answer in mundane matters.

My personal answer is yes. There are several charts, from elections to political problems, that I have seen the right answer. But there are several problems.

1 – Horary is a focused practice. If you are not immediately connected with the question, exactlly why are you asking? Because of “general concern”? It is hard to interpret any horary chart were the motivation of the querent is not clear.  I think that there are several layers of horary, and a person without a personal, concrete, and immediate interest in the results of the horary, will have an horary answer, yes,  but it will be a poor one. Not every chart was made equal: I can do a horary for an important surgery or for a flu, but one will have important planets and parts connected with natal planets, or in angles, etc. The latter will probably have one aspect that maybe will give the timing of the flu, and that´s it.

2 – the second problem is about what to do with the multiple charts that will happen? That is not such a  big problem. As long as two horary charts were made by different persons (the same person asking twice is a sure sign that this is a poor horary), asking with deep concern (and not just because they haven´t made a horary in two weeks and have their Janus itching), they will have the same results in both. But my experience show that this doesn´t mean that they will gave the answer in the same way, or with the same clarity.

So, let´s use the example of Mubarak and two horaries found on forums over the internet.

“When will Mubarak leave?”

As the querent is foreigner, Egypt is their 9th house. The ruler of egypt is the 10th from the 9th, or 6th house, ruled by Mercury. Mercury is in 29 Capricorn. After mercury change signs, it will make a sextile with Jupiter, the people. But usually a significator on the 29th degree of any sign is a important sign of changing. Mubarak will leave. The moon is not technically void, but the only aspect that she is making is to venus, and venus will change signs before the moon can complete these 8 degrees. Again a planet in the 29th degree of a sign is changing.

If we take Venus as significator of Islam, the probability of Egypt becoming an Islamic country seems slim: Venus is out from the sign ruled by Jupiter, and right into his fall. Sahel would say that no planet receives an aspect from the house of his enemies… And the aspect is from square, and Jupiter is in venus detriment!

Will the protesters suceed?

Not only the phrasing of the question is different, I feel the horary is different. According to querent, she asked the question because of “concern with the egyptian people”,  as she has been involved in social activism. So, the focus of the question is not the president of egypt, but the people, felt as “our team”.

The ASC is “our team” and mercury is the egyptian protesters (not necessarily the majority of the egyptian people).  What house rules their enemy? The 7th is not appropriate, as it usually shows a direct, open enemy, of more or less the same situation (as two armies). Street protesters against a president doesn´t fit the bill. We can use the 10th, but unfortunately, the 10th is also ruled by mercury. As there are no planet on the 10th, the best ruler we have is the generic moon (specially as she is the ruler of the next sign after gemini).

Protesters are in the house of the enemies of moon, check. Moon is in the house of the enemies of mercury, check. But what is the result? Moon has just separated from mars, showing the surprising lack of support that Mubarak received from the militaries.

Moon is cadent so, if it this was a “Will I loose my job”, the answer would not be favourable. Literally he is falling. The aspect of the moon is to Saturn. As Saturn doesn´t play an obvious role in the chart, we can only speculate what it means, but I would point that, as Saturn is in the 2nd house (support of  “our team”), the perspective that Saturn would give Mubarak stability would not be strong.

Two questions, two charts, two different answers, same result. Although I would say that it is easier to see the right answer in one than in the other.

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