Astrology of Kate´s and William´s Marriage

A year ago, I was thinking about writing a book about electional astrology, but of course, life got on the way. Today I am glad I did. For the last few weeks, I have seen time and again that astrologers don´t care about elections or think they are simple.

One of the most obvious reasons is that, as in rectifications, You can´t be wrong in an electional! If the couple divorces, who can say we are the ones to blame? After all, they share the responsability, not the astrologer! But if they keep married, then this is “proof” that we made a good election…  You can´t go wrong with these odds. If you go look on google, you find hundreds of “analysis” of the wedding of William and Kate. Most of them are extremely comic, including comments on “past lives” because of what the south node may or may not be doing. You can´t go wrong if you blame your problems on a past life! But even with traditional astrologers, we don´t have any good text book. We don´t have a Christian Astrology with real life examples. There are no important teachers which are really using traditional texts. Most are just following modern writer Robson which copied almost verbatim from Ramesey. And Ramesey is VERY far away from real traditional sources, like Sahl!

another sect of traditional astrology, emulates problems from modern authors, and are fusing horary and electional astrology as if were one. This is a typical concept of modern astrology: older sources (Gadbury, Sahl, Bonnatti) clearly say that we should use either a natal or horary chart as the “root” of any election. It is the same mentality that leads modern astrologers to use solar returns without the natal chart. Here, traditional astrologers are using the modern mentality while quoting the old sources.

Let´s use this chart as if it were an horary: sun in taurus doesn´t aspect Saturn. Venus is in detriment. Moon is void of course. Awful.

But of course, there will be a wedding. I have often seen  charts that astrologers says that are horrible but lead to great success. For instance, the launches of big successes, like Titanic, you do´t see anything like exalted venus or dignified sun in trine to Jupiter. Astrologers are saying that those factors are essential, but I don´t find them in real charts.

If you have read our series of posts on Obama´s possession, we discussed the many problems of taking an event chart and treated it like an horary. As our older sources told us, connections between natal charts and the event are essential. The same goes for the tests that I made with a sample of patients from heart surgery, with the launch of movies, marriages, etc.

In none of those samples, I saw a case where the results of the electional could be easily explained without reference to  a natal chart.  As Sahl said “We even see certain people rejoice and drink on a bad day and on a day to be feared (namely one of many impediments) and quarrels come together and enter upon them on a good and praiseworthy day.”

Unfortunately I don´t have Kate´s natal chart, but  we have William´s.

Venus in the electional chart is not only in detriment: it is opposite Mars, ruler of the 10th of his natal chart and event chart. The most logical interpretation seems to be “career and fame will damage the marriage”.

See that the “void of course” moon is now trining his natal venus.

In fact I believe the connections between natal and electional (even without´s Kate´s chart) show a much more happy image than the one being pictured by astrologers.

Using visual astrology, we can see another interesting thing in this chart: Saturn will be isolated on the skies: the marriage will be all about law and order. Specially because he will be transiting close to the stars of Spica (family) and Arcturus (royal star).

One last note: about an heir. The moon is trining the ruler of his 5th house, venus. Venus is angular in the event chart.

And, an important note: if we see the previous eclipse chart (important for any mundane endeavor) we see that the “void of course” moon is exactly conjunct the eclipse Jupiter in pisces. My opinion is that this marriage will give an heir and probably will give it very quickly.

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6 comments on “Astrology of Kate´s and William´s Marriage
  1. Astrochato says:

    Yuzuru, it’s me, Astrochato, again. I like your approach, but the pisces moon, from the wedding chart, can’t cast a trine to taurus venus in william’s chart. pisces and taurus make a sextile, am I correct? But don’t worry, we got your message. And I would appreciate very much if you took a look on my comment on your post about Baghdad’s electional chart. Even if it was to simply say that I’m wrong. I know, your busy, nevermind.
    Congrats for the blog, again and again.

  2. Astrochato says:

    If you decide to answer the coment in question, I heve to ask you to pay attention just to second part of the coment. Maybe I commited some mistakes on the first part. Anyway, the answer I want is only about my impressions about baghdad’s electional chart. Ok? thanks!

  3. Ah thank you Yuzuru, for reminding us of the need of natal charts when practicing election/event, and because of the Royal “content” in this wedding, of the need for mundane charts!


  4. Just read in may 3d 2011 Astroamericanewsletter, in the article on ze merryage ov Kate and Bill:
    “I really don’t see the point of looking at William & Kate’s natal charts, the wedding chart is so awful it could hardly be redeemed by the natals. ”

    It is the curse of modern astrology! It has struck again!


    That ‘s one result for sure, of modern society having evolved towards maximum individualism: hierarchies aren’t recognised/accepted/respected anymore…

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