Astrology and work

Those of us who work in our homes, in front of the computer, have a great friend and the most vicious enemy created by humanity against ourselves: the internet.

Yes, you have the world in your fingertips, but you also have the most vicious destroyer of productivity since the invention of the manager!

Besides regular work, when I go home I have to work on answering clients with horaries and solar returns, do my online course, blog, and study astrology, of course.

As the saying goes, the best way to kill your love for a subject is trying to go pro.

Of course, there is a huge deal of learning when dealing with real clients, but after a time you will wish to just lay down and watch a movie than do one more horary. As Christopher Warnock said, doing horaries for free is just not fun after a while.

Ways to keep focused while working

Yes, I know that if you want it, you could find much more thing about it on the internet. But this is my method to work with astrology from home.

1 – Change the music: If I have work to do, it is important to me to change the music. There is “work” music, “I am studying charts´” music, and “I am just surfing the internet” music.

2 – Try to work each thing at a time, from beginning to end.  In the Theory of Constraints, multi tasking is one of the worst things you can do.

3 – a To-do-list can help, but remember that there are many ways to do them, and your to-do-list may be wrong. Try to do the things in the order you wrote them. Don´t skip the hard parts.

 Last, if everything else fails, try some operating conditioning:

Use anything that is distracting you as a reward. For instance, if you wrote that blog entry in an hour, without distraction, then you can get your 10 minutes in facebook. If you wrote the chapter in your book of astrology, then you can get one hour of x-box kinetics.

And for a little negative reinforcement, not works better than putting a rubber band in your wrist and snapping it each time you procrastinate. Ouch!

What is the time of the horary?

Astrologers who start to answer horaries professionally usually have this doubt: do I use the time I got the horary, or the time I sit down and started answering?

I personally think both approaches work very well, since you don´t start second guessing yourself and try to see “which chart is right”.

Usually I take this approach. If I don´t have a lot of work, the horary will be casted when I sit down and finally start to work it. If I have two or more horaries in line, I will usually read the question with care and I annotate the time for future reference. I do this because when I sit down on the weekend I don´t want to have three almost identical horaries.

I think this is a good approach for those of us who have a dayjob from monday to friday but also need to make good horaries for occasional clients.

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3 comments on “Astrology and work
  1. dilly says:

    YAY! A new yuzuru post! Thanks yuzuru, this made me chuckle happily 😀

  2. When I open my mail in the morning (well, the first time for that day, that is…) and I spot a horary question, I ‘ll often put it aside for later reading/understanding/casting a chart and answering. But every now and then I feel compelled to read (and understand) it immediately, and then I draw the chart for that moment on my desktop so I can deal with it later (having Io Sprite continously running on my desktop makes this easy!).
    Being content that I have the “right chart” sitting and waiting to be judged, I can happily indulge in a bit more of internet-oholics, lol.

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