I was seeing some videos and got into total “Fantasia” mode.

So, a question to the readers: which video of Fantasia better captures the essence of each planet?

This is my list. If you have opinions about it, please, give your list on the comments. I am using both the music and the animation as guidelines


The nutcracker suite. For the fairies, not because of the mushrooms.

The sorceror´s apprentice, that appeared both in 1940 and 2000. Mickey dream of being a powerful sorcerer, it is destroyed by the uncontrollable nature of magic.


To me, the nature of mercury is best captured by Rhapsody in Blue, showing the electric rhythm of New York


Dance of the hours – yes, beauty IS in the eyes of the beholder.


Firebird suite – fire but also life it all its power


The rite of spring – the labour pains of the creation of the world.


Pompe and Circunstance with Donald Duck

but also the Pines of Rome, they both represent Grace.


Night on bald mountain: In the night of Samhaim, evil spirits are raised from their graves.

Regards to all in a beautiful day (at least where I live is shining bright)

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2 comments on “Fantasia
  1. I think I saw Fantasia before I was 10 yrs old… The piece that most clung to me, as it were, was “Night on a bald Mountain” : the eeriness, the looming, the dark, the danger and the unspeakable; but also the tremendous Power that spoke from it…
    But – if my memory serves me right – I also tremendously enjoyed – following this might creepiness – the procession of nuns (?), on the sound of (was it?) “Ave Maria” (?). Such grace, peace, such utter adoration and restfullness…
    It would take 14 yrs before I ‘d discover I have Saturn sitting right on my ascendant in Scorpio, with Venus just 7 degrees further, in Scorpio, in the 1st…
    And it would take another 32 yrs before I could link these positions in my chart with my natal positions, LOL.
    Thank you, Yuzuru, this made my day!

  2. oops, I should edit the former post, were it possible:

    It should read at the end: “and it would take another 32 yrs before I could link these positions in my natal chart, with my (then and now) musical preferences, LOL”

    OK, now I ‘ll have another glass of red wine and start cooking diner (Dorade in the oven with fresh made pesto and courgette: again a combination of hell (the oven) with heavenly grace (the food), eheh


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