Royal baby

In 2011 I said  about the chart of the marriage of Kate and William that “And, an important note: if we see the previous eclipse chart (important for any mundane endeavor) we see that the “void of course” moon is exactly conjunct the eclipse Jupiter in pisces. My opinion is that this marriage will give an heir and probably will give it very quickly.”


Many said that, as the chart look “bad”, that maybe they didn´t have an heir.

First of all, independent of what an electional chart may show, to predict infertility for a young couple, with acess to all resources over the earth, is a very big step, and should be taken with care.

Second, and I think this is my main point, it´s not about if I am right or wrong, but if electional charts can or can´t be considered without connections to natal charts. I believe firmly that it can´t. The chart of the event is as bleak and awful as they can. If it was so black and white they should be divorced or dead by now.

See the electional chart without a natal chart is great for commentary: “oh, this and this happened, you can see in the chart”. Yes, you can see, after it happen. But this has nothing to do with electing a good moment.

The moment of birth.

At this moment, Kate is supposed to be in labor. I usually use transits to the mother´s chart to see the birth, but Kate´s chart is unavailable.    But it was interesting to see that, using the original chart of the wedding (below), that the sun is just transiting the angle.

As usual with this kind of prediction, you couldn´t just say at the wedding “oh, in july 23-24 they will have a child”, but as the time of birth comes near, it is usually a good bet.

At july 25 mars will sextile the sun of the wedding, another possible indication.


I wouldh

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