1. Astrology and work
  2. Gold Hat
  3. Astrology of Kate´s and William´s Marriage
  4. Mundane horaries
  5. Year of the Rabbit and noobs
  6. Oscar 2011
  7. Problems with astrometeorology
  8. Chinese electional astrology
  9. Natal is not horary
  10. When to go to the market
  11. Mundane Astrology is back?
  12. Exaltation!
  13. Weakness and Strength in astrology
  14. Astrology as a sitcom
  15. Top 11 signs you are a troll astrologer
  16. A little bit of association
  17. Zombies vs Vampires
  18. Notes about Ptolemy on Carreer
  19. New stuff and current events
  20. Deluge
  21. Muhurta
  22. Electional astrology and “Bear alarm” systems
  23. Electional astrology and the principle of reality
  24. Horary Test – Will I get the job
  25. Mars in Aries
  26. Nehran Magazine
  27. House and double blind
  28. Firdar
  29. Oscar season
  30. What is the house of…?
  31. Eclipse 26 January
  32. What is traditional astrology ?
  33. Time traveling
  34. Obama oath… again ?
  35. Obama´s Inauguration
  36. Reception and aspects in horary
  37. 5 Differences between modern and traditional astrology
  38. Premiere League – 10 Jan
  39. Considerations before Judgement – part 2
  40. Considerations before judgement
  41. Arabic astrological talismans
  42. What the future holds to 2009?
  43. Air crashes
  44. Jupiter in Aquarius
  45. Beginning of the blog


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