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New site in portuguese

Our new site in portuguese is   Advertisements

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Royal baby

In 2011 I said  about the chart of the marriage of Kate and William that “And, an important note: if we see the previous eclipse chart (important for any mundane endeavor) we see that the “void of course” moon is exactly

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Welcome Regulus to Virgo

Regulus, the Cor Leonis, is changing from Leo to Virgo. Fixed Stars changes their position on the ecliptic around 1 degree every 70 years or so. So, it takes around 2,000 years to change from a sign to another. I

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Rulers of the phases of the moon

In jyotish astrology, there are two important systems for electional astrology, based on the moon. The Nakshatras and the thitis The nakshatras are the equivalent of the moon mansions in western astrology. They are equal in size and regular, starting

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I was seeing some videos and got into total “Fantasia” mode. So, a question to the readers: which video of Fantasia better captures the essence of each planet? This is my list. If you have opinions about it, please, give

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The Dawr is a very important technique in Abu Mashar historic astrology. “Dawr” means “time” or “period”, and is a technique used in mundane astrology similar to the more known firdar. Curiosly, although the dawr would be the “mighty firdar” (one of

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Astrology and work

Those of us who work in our homes, in front of the computer, have a great friend and the most vicious enemy created by humanity against ourselves: the internet. Yes, you have the world in your fingertips, but you also

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