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Year of the Rabbit and noobs

In the last few weeks, we have seen the whole stupid Ophiucus meme around the net. What this show is not anything new about astrology, as anybody who would visit this blog already knows (I don´t think I will get

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Natal is not horary

Most astrologers and students of astrology always heard that astrology was a millennial art, but in fact they didn´t know much about all those millenia. In fact, most of us only had access to the psycho babble thing, “does my sign combine

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Weakness and Strength in astrology

Strength and weakness in astrology. There are two concepts that are important in western astrology: essencial dignity and accidental dignity. This is the renaissance vocabulary and it is not the best, but is probably the best known version of the

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Top 11 signs you are a troll astrologer

Inspired by Letterman, I tried to put the ten top signs that you are troll astrologer. Most of them are inspired by my recent experiences as an moderator on several forums, as we always have  lots of them. While trolls

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A little bit of association

Where there´s smoke, there is always also fire? In the last few years, in our thinking and in the culture it seems that the “scientific method” is starting to get very mixed with “statistical method”. There is a lot of

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Electional astrology and “Bear alarm” systems

I was reading “electional astrology – the art of timing” by Joann Hampar, and I was wondering how many of electional astrology greatest results are ” Bear Alarm”. I took the “bear alarm” from an episode of The Simpsons: Homer:

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House and double blind

I was watching House the other day. Thirteen was beginning her clinical trial with a new medication, and Cartman discovers that she is taking the Placebo and not the real medicine. One day I will do a comparation between the

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