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Royal baby

In 2011 I said  about the chart of the marriage of Kate and William that “And, an important note: if we see the previous eclipse chart (important for any mundane endeavor) we see that the “void of course” moon is exactly

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Mundane horaries

I found this lovely picture of Mubarak watching the 2006 eclipse. Don´t dictators learn in mundane astrology 101 class in dictatorship school that presidents never should attend a solar eclipse?! For eclipses funs, it is interesting that the mars of

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Year of the Rabbit and noobs

In the last few weeks, we have seen the whole stupid Ophiucus meme around the net. What this show is not anything new about astrology, as anybody who would visit this blog already knows (I don´t think I will get

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Oscar 2011

Oscar season is again upon us. Last time I bet on the wrong horse. Let´s see if I have better luck this year. (Of course, every astrologer bet on the wrong horse now and then… but is worse when we

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Mundane Astrology is back?

I am very glad that Mundane Astrology is again in the minds of traditional astrologers. After the excellent list Interpres Stellarum all but disappeared, we traditional mundane astrologers became orfans. Of course, much of the interest on Mundane Astrology is

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New stuff and current events

Some news, random toughts and stuff than happens. 1 – my computer is broken, and with it, 30% of my astrological expertise! I have been reduced to using 2 -the 6th issue of nehran magazine was released. Not as

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Mars in Aries

Mars entered into Aries this 22 april of 2009, his sign of rulership. Electional astrology Mars in the fiery soldier in his fiery domicile, so the general indication is to do haste, energetic, physical things. The secret of electional astrology

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