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Royal baby

In 2011 I said  about the chart of the marriage of Kate and William that “And, an important note: if we see the previous eclipse chart (important for any mundane endeavor) we see that the “void of course” moon is exactly

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Astrology of Kate´s and William´s Marriage

A year ago, I was thinking about writing a book about electional astrology, but of course, life got on the way. Today I am glad I did. For the last few weeks, I have seen time and again that astrologers

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Chinese electional astrology

I recently made a post about how Natal astrology is not horary. I think most of traditional astrologers would just nod and agree with the purpose of that post. But my second point probably will not face much agreement: that

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When to go to the market

Since ancient times we have advice of when to go to the market. There is a strange mix of electional and mundane astrology in these advices: after all, go to the market to sell ones´s products may be seen as

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Electional astrology is the art of choosing the right astrological moment to being any important endeavor. One of the things that I don´t like is the present state of our knowledge and practice of electional astrology, that we can basically

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Electional astrology and “Bear alarm” systems

I was reading “electional astrology – the art of timing” by Joann Hampar, and I was wondering how many of electional astrology greatest results are ” Bear Alarm”. I took the “bear alarm” from an episode of The Simpsons: Homer:

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Electional astrology and the principle of reality

I was thinking about the problems that always arise on the subject of electional astrology. From all the fields of astrology, electional is likely to be one of the most confused ones, with a lot of nonsense ideas floating around

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