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Astrology and work

Those of us who work in our homes, in front of the computer, have a great friend and the most vicious enemy created by humanity against ourselves: the internet. Yes, you have the world in your fingertips, but you also

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Mundane horaries

I found this lovely picture of Mubarak watching the 2006 eclipse. Don´t dictators learn in mundane astrology 101 class in dictatorship school that presidents never should attend a solar eclipse?! For eclipses funs, it is interesting that the mars of

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Natal is not horary

Most astrologers and students of astrology always heard that astrology was a millennial art, but in fact they didn´t know much about all those millenia. In fact, most of us only had access to the psycho babble thing, “does my sign combine

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Horary Test – Will I get the job

This is a horary “mystery chart”. You can put your answer in the comments. I will give the result friday at night. Question – Will I get the job? Background – A colleague from my course said that there was

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What is the house of…?

I have noticed a trend of asking “What is the house of …” in several forums, for example: What is the house for the ex-wife? What is the house of redundancy? What is the house of diets? What house rules

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Reception and aspects in horary

Many articles were written about reception. The ones I recommend are from skyscript: Lilly´s use of reception in horary A brief comparison of the use of reception in history Mashalah – what is reception ? Steven Birchfield – Reception (the

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Considerations before Judgement – part 2

In the first part, I explained what were the Considerations Before Judgment, and why I think they are really important, mainly to discover when the querent is not telling the truth, the whole truth, nothing but the truth. Now I

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