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Welcome Regulus to Virgo

Regulus, the Cor Leonis, is changing from Leo to Virgo. Fixed Stars changes their position on the ecliptic around 1 degree every 70 years or so. So, it takes around 2,000 years to change from a sign to another. I

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The Dawr is a very important technique in Abu Mashar historic astrology. “Dawr” means “time” or “period”, and is a technique used in mundane astrology similar to the more known firdar. Curiosly, although the dawr would be the “mighty firdar” (one of

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Gold Hat

Recently I traveled to Europe: Berlim, Paris and Geneve. A very beautiful travel and very good memories to carry. In Berlin, in the neues museum, there was this interesting object:  The picture is not good, so you can´t see that this

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Chinese electional astrology

I recently made a post about how Natal astrology is not horary. I think most of traditional astrologers would just nod and agree with the purpose of that post. But my second point probably will not face much agreement: that

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Natal is not horary

Most astrologers and students of astrology always heard that astrology was a millennial art, but in fact they didn´t know much about all those millenia. In fact, most of us only had access to the psycho babble thing, “does my sign combine

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When to go to the market

Since ancient times we have advice of when to go to the market. There is a strange mix of electional and mundane astrology in these advices: after all, go to the market to sell ones´s products may be seen as

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The exaltations are part of the knowledge of traditional astrology that were forgotten by modern astrology. Modern astrologers usually are too busy trying to remove rulership from one of the 7 traditional planets to even bother to learn this old

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