Welcome Regulus to Virgo

Regulus, the Cor Leonis, is changing from Leo to Virgo. Fixed Stars changes their position on the ecliptic around 1 degree every 70 years or so. So, it takes around 2,000 years to change from a sign to another.

I don´t know the precision of astrological software with the ephemerides of so slow-moving bodies. But according to Janus, Regulus has already changed in 2011. Anyway, we can safely say that Regulus changes from Leo to Virgo in 2011-2012.

Of course we don´t see much discussion about it in the astrological community. With all those important things that Pluto is doing, in biquintile to quiron, who has the time to analyse an event that only happens every couple of thousand years? It is january after all, and diets have to begin.

The “discussion” that I could find is the usual crap from wanna be modern astrologers who are worried that regulus is “moving to the sign of ill-health”. Yugh. To talk about first year teenage magazine astrology…

Unfortunately I also didn´t see anything in the traditional community. . The reason here is more clear: we don´t have in our traditional sources any tools to help predict the shifting of the fixed stars. In the mundane astrology of Abu Mashar, for instance, the great cycles are determined by the Great Conjunctions, fixed stars weren´t mentioned at all. So, we only have hypothesis.

Frawley commented several years ago that when the last of the seasonal markers falls from fixed signs that it would be “the beginning of the end of days”. But before we start predicting a zombie invasion, let´s see what we can get.


Using Ptolemy´s coreography, which divided regions between the zodiac, we could predict a shift of power from Leo ruled countries to Virgo ones. Unfortunately, most of the countries “ruled” by signs are inventions of modern astrology, and we don´t even know who is the author of attributions like “Brazil=Virgo”. Dr. H, which knows traditional astrology, says that his research showed the influence of Virgo over all Latin America.


Vivian Robson (http://www.constellationsofwords.com/categories/mundaneexplan.htm) said that changes of Regulus through the terms of Leo were related to changes in the Roman Empire and Catholic Church. If this is true, we could see another big transformation in the Catholic church. I would assume that it will lost even more power.


One old technique is the transit of fixed stars through the ASC of mundane charts of cities and countries.  Cities and countries which have the ASC in 0 Virgo will feel the transformative power of Virgo in the next few years. The other who had the ASC in 29 Virgo will probably feel some sense of decay, as the influence of Regulus is one of power.

The transit effect of Regulus over natal charts is probably what most people want to discuss. But the effect of the transit of a fixed star over our puny lives should be disregarded.

The matter of fact is that we will never know the answer. I am writing this in 2012. In 50 years from now I will be death and Regulus will still be in the 1st degree of Virgo, and we will still beginning to see the effects of his entrance into Virgo. Is pretty pathetic the extension of our days compared to the mundane matters.


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4 comments on “Welcome Regulus to Virgo
  1. ‘Of course we don´t see much discussion about it in the astrological community. With all those important things that Pluto is doing, in biquintile to quiron, who has the time to analyse an event that only happens every couple of thousand years?’

    huahuhauhua ótimo!

  2. I would not completely discard the idea that Regulus changing signs might affect a natal chart. However, that would have to be a chart where its influence is already conspicuous, and perhaps the chart owner would also have to fit in with the traditional reading of the star (being royal, for instance).

    Then again, I think going from one degree to another is something that should not be dismissed.

    • yuzuru says:

      It is possible, of course. But with so many techniques to apply to a natal chart, I would highly doubt that any mundane factor would really impact a natal chart. Well, maybe someone like Obama, but even so I would focus only on mundane charts, and probably the big ones. It is possible that even the chart of a country would be of too little importance to Regulus.

  3. Esra says:

    Thank you Yuzuru for this information. And I really am shocked that there is
    no discussion about this topic on any astrology sites.

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