Horary Test – Will I get the job

This is a horary “mystery chart”. You can put your answer in the comments. I will give the result friday at night.

Question – Will I get the job?

Background – A colleague from my course said that there was an opening in their department at the university. I had an interview with a few coordinators booked in a few days.

Did I get the job?

Bogota Colombia

Note: the houses are in Alchabitius, but you can use whatever system that you want.

Edited: the answer is below, in the commentaries session.

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5 comments on “Horary Test – Will I get the job
  1. […] a “mystery chart” over on Episthemologie. If you want to try your hand at a horary check out Horary Test – Will I Get the Job?. Yuzuru promises to post the answer to the horary after everyone’s had their chance to try it […]

  2. yuzuru says:

    If you don´t want to know the answer, read no further.


    I got the job

    A few days after the phone call from my colleague, I went to his university to met her. She was very helpful and guided me through three interviews with coordinators from different areas, so I get the necessary hours to start giving classes.

    But the quality of the work wasn´t good. Although I was very happy with the new job, reality quickly sink in. Students were of very poor quality, some almost illiterate, lazy and with bad temperament. Lies, cheats and conflicts with students were a constant.

    Management and academic coordination was less than professional. To give an example, I got three courses, and none of them had a syllabus! I one case I had to invent one, in other I got the “syllabus”, made in a hurry, 15 minutes before I started giving classes!

    I was promised a contract and the contract never came. After the semester, I had no contract and wasn´t invited to give the course again. I only got payed in December, when I was convinced that I had been stolen. The money was below average also.

    So, overall it really wasn´t a pleasurable experience with this particular job.

    Best regards to everybody

  3. […] Horary Test – Will I get the job […]

  4. ghanshyam says:

    i think he got the job after 10.07.2007 . what do you sat sir ?

  5. ivana says:

    I think it’s always important to look dignities the planet that job represents. Job was represented by Moon in Leo in 11th your wished and hopes , and that planet had no essential dignities it was peregrine, it just means the job you applied was not quality. But also Moon was in term and face of Mars, which represents very violent people.

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